Debugging in JupyterLab
09-04, 15:45–16:00 (UTC), Track 2 (Baroja)

Debugging Jupyter Notebooks has been one of the most requested features. In this presentation we give an overview of the current state and tools for debugging in Jupyter, and offer a glimpse of what is coming next.


1. Current tools for debugging Jupyter Notebooks
  • print statements
  • ipdb
  • PixieDebugger (IBM)
  • Visual Studio Code cell debugging
2. Native debugging support for Jupyter Kernels
  • Jupyter protocol extension
  • Debug Adapter Protocol in xeus-python
3. Debugger extension for JupyterLab
  • An IDE-like debugging experience in JupyterLab
  • Active development, current prototype
  • Demo

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Debugging Jupyter Kernels: towards a JupyterLab debugger

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