Speed up your python code
09-02, 16:00–17:30 (UTC), Track 3 (Oteiza)

In this tutorial we will see how to profile and speed up Python code, from a pure Python implementation to an optimized Cython code.

Through a simple example we will see how to optimize Python code. First we will introduce a few tools to profile and visualize the performances of our code, such as Perf and SnakeViz. Then we will incrementally optimize our code using Cython, a lower level compiled language designed to make a bridge between C and Python. As an alternative, we will also use Numba, a Python just in time compiler. Finally, we will see how to parallelize our code to speed it up further.

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Speed your Python code: profiling, Cython and parallelism.

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General-purpose Python, Parallel computing / HPC

I'm a software engineer at INRIA, essentially involved in scikit-learn, an open source Python library for machine learning.