A Tour of the Data Visualization Ecosystem of Python
2019-09-03, 09:00–10:30, Track 2 (Baroja)

The tutorial will be a a tour of the getting-started how-tos of the major Python data visualization libraries such as Yt-Project, Seaborn, Altair, Plotly

Python and it ecosystem is used nowadays in many scientific context as an advanced data visualization tool.
There a wide variety of visualization libraries. The tutorial will focus on primarly on :

For each one it will be shown how to use it in Jupyter, exploring the getting started examples, and letting the audience propose data set to visualize.
At the end of the tutorial, the participants will fill a pros/cons table with an online voting mechanism.
If time will allow, a short view of other libraries may be included.

Abstract as a tweet – A Tour of the Data Visualization Ecosystem of Python Python Skill Level – basic Domain Expertise – some Domains – Data Visualisation, Jupyter, Open Source, Statistics, Vector and array manipulation