Introduction to SciPy
2019-09-03, 09:00–10:30, Track 2 (Baroja)

SciPy is a comprehensive library for scientific computing and one of the
central components of the scientific Python ecosystem. As most of its
functionality naturally involves NumPy arrays, SciPy works hand in hand
with NumPy.

SciPy covers a broad variety of typical numerical tasks
encountered in scientific computing ranging from the statistical analysis
of data, curve fitting, and fast Fourier transform to numerical integration
and special functions to name just a few topics. To avoid reinventing the
wheel, it is always a good idea to check whether a desired functionality is
already provided by SciPy.

In the tutorial, we will demonstrate how some real-world data taken with a
smartphone can be analyzed by means of SciPy.

Domains – General-purpose Python, Vector and array manipulation Domain Expertise – some Python Skill Level – professional Abstract as a tweet – Introduction to SciPy: The Scientific Python Library