Alexander CS Hendorf

Alexander Hendorf is responsible for data and artificial intelligence at the digital excellence consultancy KÖNIGSWEG GmbH. Through his commitment as a speaker and chair of various international conferences, he is a proven expert in the field of data intelligence. He has many years of experience in the practical application, introduction and communication of data and AI-driven strategies and decision-making processes. He is a Python Software Foundation Fellow, likes to work in small dedicated teams and loves to work with and contribute to the Python and PyData community.



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Königsweg GmbH


A Primer to Maintainable Code
Alexander CS Hendorf

In this talk, I'll give an overview of software quality and why it's important - especially for scientists. Provide best practices and libraries to dive deeper into, hypes to ignore, and simple guidelines to follow to write code that your peers will love.

After the talk, the audience will have a guide on how to develop better code and be aware of potential blind spots.

HS 120