Martin Renou

Martin Renou is a Technical Director at QuantStack. Prior to joining QuantStack, Martin also worked as a Software Developer at Enthought. He studied at the French Aerospace Engineering School ISAE-Supaero, with a major in autonomous systems and programming.

As an open-source developer, Martin has worked on a variety of projects, such as ipygany (a 3-D mesh visualization library for the Jupyter Notebook) and ipympl (an interactive Matplotlib backend for Jupyter)

Passionate about 3-D rendering and computer graphics, Martin has also developed a 3-D Chess GUI based on OpenGL, and ipycanvas, an interactive canvas library for Jupyter.


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Interactive Data Science in the browser with JupyterLite and Emscripten Forge
Jeremy Tuloup, Martin Renou, Thorsten Beier

JupyterLite is a Jupyter distribution that runs entirely in the web browser, backed by in-browser language kernels including WebAssembly powered Jupyter Xeus kernels and Pyodide.

JupyterLite enables data science and interactive computing with the PyData scientific stack, directly in the browser, without installing anything or running a server.

JupyterLite leverages the Emscripten and Conda Forge infrastructure, making it possible to easily install custom packages with binary extensions in the browser, such as numpy, scipy and scikit-learn.

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