Jannis Leidel

Jannis Leidel, better known as "jezdez" in the Python community, has until recently been working at Mozilla as a staff software engineer on the Mozilla data platform team, maintaining part of Mozilla’s data infrastructure and tools and before that as a web developer on the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) project that documents Open Web technologies. He now works on the conda team at Anaconda to help co-maintain the conda package manager.

As an avid contributor to Open Source projects, he's incredibly proud of the different communities he has become part of, whether it's the Python packaging ecosystem, the data science community, the Django project, the conda-forge project or the Jazzband collective. As director at the Python Software Foundation he works in the packaging working group, the finance committee and as co-communication chair.

Feel free to reach out to him via Twitter at @jezdez (DMs are open).





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conda-forge: supporting the growth of the volunteer-driven, community-based packaging project
Wolf Vollprecht, Jannis Leidel, Jaime Rodríguez-Guerra

The conda-forge project is one of the fastest growing Open Source communities out there – and most data scientists have probably heard of it. In this talk we explain the inner workings of conda-forge, its relationship to conda and PyPI, and we will explain how everyone can package software with conda-forge.

HS 118