Maria Teleńczuk

Maria Teleńczuk, PhD, is a Data Scientist at Owkin and a PyLadies Paris Organiser.
At Owkin she works in a Federated Learning group where she investigates the strategies towards better analysis of and secure access to biomedical data.
Her experience varies from computational and experimental neuroscience to machine learning.
She taught Python at various courses and used it throughout her career.


Introduction to NumPy
Maria Teleńczuk

This tutorial will provide an introduction to the NumPy library intended for beginners.

NumPy is the fundamental package for scientific computing in Python. It is a Python library that provides a multidimensional array object, various derived objects (such as masked arrays and matrices), and an assortment of routines for fast operations on arrays, including mathematical, logical, shape manipulation, sorting, selecting, I/O, discrete Fourier transforms, basic linear algebra, basic statistical operations, random simulation and much more.

HS 118