Discrete event simulations of 'all electric' mines
08-31, 14:15–14:30 (Europe/Zurich), HS 120

How a discrete event simulation can help mining companies reduce their dependence on diesel as a source of fuel for their large haulage trucks. Using open source software, mining environments are modeled, and helps decision making for building an all electric mine, where diesel powered vehicles are made obsolete.

A typical 200 tonne payload mining truck can burn through more than 3000 liters of diesel fuel per day. Mining companies around the globe are searching for pathways to reduce their environmental impact, and clearly, reducing their dependence on diesel fuel is be a step in the right direction.

Trials using diesel/electric hybrid, batteries, hydrogen and other energy sources are currently underway to serve as an alternative energy source to power these vehicles. The technology required for powering this class of large haulage vehicle is still in development, leaving mining companies unsure about the path they should take.

Using the Python Simpy and NetworkX libraries to serve as the core, a discrete event simulation of real mining environments is created. Electric haulage trucks, electric trolley lines and more are modeled, and provide results aimed to help mining companies move to a more sustainable operation.

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Python used for creating discrete event simulations of mining environments



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