Introduction to pandas
08-29, 15:30–17:00 (Europe/Zurich), HS 118

This tutorial is an introduction to pandas intended for beginners.

pandas is one of Python's core packages for data science. pandas organizes data into DataFrames and provides powerful methods for manipulating them. The library is built on top of NumPy. It'll be helpful for the tutorial if you have some experience with NumPy arrays, for example, by following the Introduction to NumPy tutorial.

You'll learn how to convert your existing Python lists and dictionaries to DataFrames and how to read data from files into DataFrames. pandas provides powerful methods for transforming data, and you'll get experience with these in hands-on exercises.

The tutorial covers the following topics:

  • DataFrames as Panels of Data
  • Create DataFrames
  • Work With Tidy Data
  • Transform DataFrames
  • Share Results and Insights

The workshop consists of 90 minutes of live code demonstrations and hands-on exercises.


Data Visualisation, General-purpose Python, Machine Learning, Statistics

Expected audience expertise: Python


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Introduction to the pandas library for scientific computing

Expected audience expertise: Domain


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