Call for Proposals

EuroSciPy 2023

15th European Conference on Python in Science

The EuroSciPy meeting is a cross-disciplinary gathering focused on the use and development of the Python language in scientific research. This event strives to bring together both users and developers of scientific tools, as well as academic research and state of the art industry.

Euroscipy 2023 takes place from Monday, August 14 to Friday, August 18 in Basel, Switzerland.

Conference layout:

Mon, Aug 14: Tutorials
Tue, Aug 15: Tutorials
Wed, Aug 16: Talks
Thu, Aug 17: Talks
Fri, Aug 18: Sprints

Call for Proposals

Presentations of scientific tools and libraries using the Python language, including but not limited to:

Main Topics

- Data Science and Visualization
- High Performance Computing
- Scientific Applications
- Machine/Deep Learning and AI
- Community, Education and Outreach

Data Science and Visualization

- Data Analysis and Data Engineering
- Data Visualization
- Image Processing
- Statistics
- Reproducibility
- Model Deployment
- Web Application

High Performance Computing

- Parallel Computing
- Vector and Array Manipulation
- Scalability

Scientific Applications

- Astronomy
- Drug Discovery
- Healthcare and Biomedicine
- Earth and Ocean Sciences
- Geo Sciences
- Simulations (e.g., Physics, CFD, ESMs)
- Political Sciences
- Social Sciences
- Material Sciences
- Physics
- Robotics & IoT
- Event Forecasting

Machine and Deep Learning

- Supervised Learning
- Unsupervised Learning
- Reinforcement Learning
- Generative Models
- Reproducible Machine Learning
- Algorithmic bias and Trustworthy AI
- ML Applications (e.g. NLP, CV)

Community, Education and Outreach

- Learning and Teaching Scientific Python
- Science and Engineering Portals
- Reports on the Use of Python in Scientific achievements or ongoing projects
- Diversity and Inclusion

This Call for Papers closed on 2023-05-14 23:59 (Europe/Zurich).