Practice Makes Perfect: Write Accessible Documentation
03-18, 11:40–12:10 (Europe/Berlin), Stage 2

It's critical that documentation is universally accessible. Most often, our focus is on the platform where documentation lives, but equally as important is the content itself. In this workshop, documentation and content creators can learn how to make copy more accessible for everyone, especially those with disabilities. This workshop gives practical tips alongside opportunities for discussion and practice in topics such as inclusive language, meaningful alt text, clear and concise language, and more.

Alexandra is a technical writer and accessibility content specialist at Google. In this role, she writes documentation for web developers and the web community at-large about new, privacy-preserving technologies with the Privacy Sandbox. Before she was a writer, Alexandra was a web developer, a digital marketing manager, and a post-production video editor.

Alexandra has a bachelor’s degree in professional writing with an emphasis in digital and technical writing from Michigan State University.