Invest In The Software That Powers Your World
03-18, 17:00–17:30 (Europe/Berlin), Stage 1

In 2014, the Heartbleed Bug sent shockwaves across the internet and lead to news headlines like: “The Internet Is Being Protected By Two Guys Named Steve”. Although this headline is somewhat humorous, it reveals a crucial vulnerability of FOSS altogether: Oftentimes, important Open Source Software is maintained by a few engaged, but tired and overworked, underpaid individuals.

There are two ways to remedy this situation: One is by active participation through community engagement and high-quality contributions. Another option is through financial sponsorship – which goes beyond just money, but also gives the software we depend on the recognition their creators deserve. Let’s explore why sponsoring is a great way to drive FOSS forward, how it can be done, and what our experience with Open Source sponsorship is at Mercedes-Benz.

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Inspired by the Inner Source movement more than five years ago, Dr. Wolfgang Gehring turned into an ambassador for Inner and Open Source and has been working on enabling and spreading the idea within the Mercedes-Benz AG and its IT-subsidiary Daimler TSS. A software engineer by trade, Wolfgang’s goal is to enable Mercedes-Benz to fully embrace FOSS and become a true Open Source company.

In his free time, Wolfgang likes to engage in conversations about soccer and is a passionate traveler and scuba diver. He calls Albert Einstein’s birth city of Ulm his home in Southern Germany.