Finn Steglich

Finn Steglich works as penetration tester for 12 years now, currently with ETAS (Bosch Group) in Stuttgart, Germany for Bosch in-house projects. He is usually working on mobile apps, Windows privilege escalation, strange binary protocols and very old client applications in an attempt to decrypt company secrets. He did live hacking presentations on several not-so-technical events, held some corporate workshops about AD and Windows security and likes to do actual live demos a lot. When he started with reverse engineering, he really would have preferred to have attended a workshop like this but couldn't find any.


Three Ways to Reverse-Engineering Cryptographic Functions
Finn Steglich

On basis of a proprietary crypto library that was used for "securely" storing medical history, I like to give an introduction into reverse engineering cryptographic functions by three different approaches: Blackbox, dynamic instrumentation with Frida and static analysis with Ghidra.