hack.lu 2023

Patrick Ventuzelo

Patrick Ventuzelo is a senior security researcher, CEO & founder of Fuzzinglabs. After working for the French Ministry of Defense, he specialized in fuzzing, vulnerability research, and reverse engineering. Over the years, Patrick has created multiple fuzzers, found hundreds of bugs, and published various blog posts/videos/tools on topics like Rust, Go, Blockchain, WebAssembly, and Browser security. Patrick is a regular speaker and trainer at various security conferences around the globe, including BlackHat USA, OffensiveCon, REcon, RingZer0, PoC, ToorCon, hack.lu, NorthSec, SSTIC, and others.


IPFS Unveiled: Exploring Data Collection, Analysis, and Security
Patrick Ventuzelo, Tanguy Laucournet

In this talk, we will dive into exclusive data collection and analysis techniques specific to this decentralized network. We'll also take a quick tour of IPFS's wide range of applications and provide practical tips and tricks to help you secure your organization.

Salle Europe
Cryptocurrency & Web3 OSINT Workshop
Patrick Ventuzelo, Tanguy Laucournet, Mohammed Benhelli

This workshop offers an introduction to Blockchain/Web3 OSINT, including extracting and analyzing on-chain and off-chain data.

Schengen 1 and 2