Thomas Patzke

Thomas has more than 15 years experience in various areas of information security. He started as consultant, then developed into offensive security and switched to defensive topics. Now he's incident responder, threat hunter and does some threat intelligence at the Evonik Cyber Defense Team.

Thomas doesn't holds a single infosec certification, so no list of three-to-four-upper-cased-letter-combinations here. Instead he focuses on building open source security tools and is one of the co-founders and a core maintainer of the Sigma project.


Sigma Project News
Thomas Patzke

Recently Sigma got a bunch of updates, time to keep you updated!

cti-summit lightning talk
Salle Europe
The new Sigma Toolchain
Thomas Patzke

pySigma and Sigma CLI are complete rewrites of the legacy sigmatools and sigmac projects, which will be retired at the end of the year. In this workshop you will learn the new concepts introduced and how these new tools can be used and extended by new target query languages.