Guillaume Prigent

Guillaume is a digital freethinker and an expert in cyber security. Co-founder of DIATEAM, Guillaume started out as an engineer in information systems security, and has been working in the digital security for 25 years now. He has developed many "proofs of concept" and some tools like netglub, ipmorph, hynesim and also gives talks and classes in many engineering schools (ENIB, ENSIETA, ESM Saint-Cyr, ...). Guillaume is the author of several papers on security, and is a frequent speaker and/or attendee at security and testing conferences such as SSTIC, HITB, HACK.LU, FRHACK, ...


Customize Your Own Command & Control: Design and Code Your Own Implant in a Real Infrastructure
Guillaume Prigent, Adrien Barchapt-Perrot

Command & Control is a cornerstone of any attacker's infrastructure, whether they are affiliated with state actors (APTs), cybercriminals, or legitimate Red Team operators.

"Customize Your Own C&C" is a 4-hour workshop designed for those interested in quickly diving into the world of Command & Control design and architecture, and learning how to develop their own implant using a well-known open-source framework.

In this bring-your-own-laptop workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the architecture and design of a well-known open-source framework as an example. They will also receive a comprehensive, hands-on introduction to designing a simple custom implant. This will involve working with two already prepared virtual machines and culminating in the creation of their own integrated x64 implant (utilizing a C++/Python wrapper)