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Ondrej Nekovar

Ondrej Nekovar (Th30ne) currently works as a CISO at some state company, where he and his team provides cyber security for the national data centre and eGovernment cloud (critical information infrastructure). His other role is Chief Deception Officer, where he is responsible for the strategic development of active measures elements and adversary engagement and its use. He also specializes in cybersecurity legislation and Active Cyber Defense (ACD) issues like its use by private organizations.

With his esteemed colleague and co-speaker Jan, They created a modernized Active Cyber Defense Gray Zone and its taxonomy, a few MISP addons for ACD, ACD loop, custom Alerting and Detection Strategy with ACD use and Adversary emulation Lab. They set up a DEF CON GROUP for the Czech Republic (DCG420) which organizes meetups of cyber and ACD enthusiasts, custom R&D (open methodologies, addons, tools) and trips with kids. They are a frequent speakers at conferences such as BlackHat, Qubit and others.


Digital Tug of War: Unraveling the Cyber Battle Between Ukraine and Russia
Ondrej Nekovar, Jan

In this presentation, we will delve into the interesting Ukraine-Russia conflict over the past year and uncover the emerging challenges in cyber threat intelligence and its critical importance to detection engineering, validation, and organizational resilience. Explore the impact of cyber warfare on global security dynamics and gain valuable insights into the intersection of geopolitics and cybersecurity. Join us for a brief but enlightening journey through this evolving landscape.

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