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Saâd Kadhi

Saâd has over 25 years of cybersecurity experience. An engineer by training, he started working in the fields of cyber threat intelligence, incident response and digital forensics more than a decade ago and never looked back.

Starting from 2008, he built and managed the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) of a French multinational food products corporation covering more than 120.000 employees worldwide and worked at the CERT of one of the major banking groups to fight against cybercrime and respond to cyberattacks.

In 2013, Saâd joined Banque de France to create and develop their CERT, making it one of the most advanced central bank CSIRTs. In 2019, he became the Head of CERT-EU, the CERT for all the EU institutions, bodies, and agencies, a key cog of the EU’s cybersecurity landscape and one of the most mature CERTs in the EU.

During his long-standing cybersecurity career, Saâd dealt with several major incidents and large-scale cyber crises.


Supply chain resilience: challenges & solutions
Saâd Kadhi

In today’s interconnected world, organisations rely on a complex network of suppliers, providers, and contractors to deliver software, hardware, and services. However, this very interconnectedness poses a significant cybersecurity risk – supply chain attacks. In this lightning talk, we will share some insights & thoughts on managing and securing an organisation’s supply chain.

cti-summit lightning talk
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