Building an evil phone charging station.
10-18, 14:30–15:00 (Europe/Luxembourg), Salle Europe

An investigation of the risks of public charging stations, including a POC that charges a phone, mirrors HDMI, and extracts passwords being typed on the mobile device.

In April 2023, multiple news articles got published stating, quote, "the FBI warns consumers not to use public phone charging stations". This lead to quite some interesting discussion online. With experts divided on the risks involved.

We will briefly go over older attacks (HID devices, usb-ethernet dongles) and how feasable these are, however the main focus of this presentation is investigating the risks of HDMI (and displayport) mirroring, and building a POC to automatically extract data from the video output.

We will also release the code for this research project, we hope you can build on top of it!

"Ooh what does this button do?"

Senior Ethical Hacker at the internal REDteam of KPN. One of the founders of Techinc (Amsterdam Hackerspace). I used to organise the hacker villages at HITB, and generally enjoy helping as orga or volunteering at hacker cons.

MSc Security and Network Engineering, University of Amsterdam