A deep dive into Maritime Cybersecurity.
10-19, 16:15–16:45 (Europe/Luxembourg), Salle Europe

We propose to provide an overview of the maritime sector's cybersecurity, its strengths and weaknesses, the attacks that are taking place and the initiatives being taken to deal with them.

Although it is still too little known, the maritime and port sector is essential to our modern economies. Ships and ports should now be seen as complex information systems.
This increased digitalisation brings with it new risks that must be taken into account by international organisations, administrations, public and private operators, shipowners and shipbuilders.
What are the vulnerabilities? Which incidents happened over the last years?
After a description of the sector for the non-mariners, we will take a deep dive into the maritime systems, and detail the unique incident statistics we compile at the Maritime Computer Emergency Response Team.

Olivier JACQ is the Chief Technology Officer of the french non-profit organization France Cyber Maritime.
Former senior officer from the French Navy, he now contributes helping the civilian maritime sector to deal with cybersecurity issues on technical and organizational aspects.
He holds a PhD from IMT Atlantique, a cybersecurity expert title from the French national cybersecurity agency (ANSSI) and a post-master's degree in cybersecurity from Centrale/Supélec.