Sbud: infovis in infosec
10-16, 11:00–11:30 (Europe/Luxembourg), Salle Europe

Visualisations in Infosec tend to be moonshots: shiny but mostly one-shots.
What about something simpler, but useful on a daily basis ?

Have you ever taken the screenshot of a hex viewer or a text editor, then you wanted to add annotations, highlights, descriptions?
Ever tried to update someone else's visualisation?

Sbud is a set of visualisation renderers driven by text.
Offline, no framework, no dependency. Themes and fonts are supported. MIT licence.
Save as SVG, PDF, PNG... Text is kept, still selectable, still updatable.

Ange is mostly known for his weird files: extreme, ambiguous, polyglots, hash collisions...
Reverse engineer since the 80s, malware analyst professionally since 2005,
he is currently an infosec engineer in the Mandiant Flare team at Google.

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