CyberChef: Enhancing Existing Operations and Adding New Operations
10-19, 14:00–16:00 (Europe/Luxembourg), Hollenfels

In this 2 hour workshop, Didier will start with a quick intro to CyberChef, with some simple exercises, and then we will setup a development environment for CyberChef.
In this environment, we will start with simple exercises (enhancing existing operations) and then move on to creating your own operations from scratch.
The operations will focus on blue team activities, like assisting with the analysis of malware.

Like usual with workshops from Didier Stevens, this will be very hands-on with many exercises.
This workshop requires a Linux laptop or a Windows/Linux/Mac laptop with a Linux virtual machine.

Didier is Senior Analyst, working for NVISO.

Next to his professional activities, Didier is also a Microsoft MVP (2011-2016 awarded MVP Consumer Security, 2016-2023 awarded MVP Windows Insider) and a SANS Internet Storm Center Senior Handler. 

He is an expert in malicious documents (PDF and Microsoft Office), pioneering research into maldocs?and authoring free, open-source analysis tools and private red team tools.

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