Your unknown Twins: Identity in the era of Deepfakes, AI and mass Biometrics exposure
10-18, 16:15–16:45 (Europe/Luxembourg), Salle Europe

With the growth of modern media and AI technologies, have you ever wondered what damage could be done if a picture of your eyes ends up in the hands of a malicious user?

In this presentation we dive into threats of exposed biometric data, show how the data can be obtained and abused by malicious users, and what damage can be done once their data is exposed. Such compromised identities are already used in financial crimes, to bypass modern security systems and procedures and also in public opinion manipulation campaigns - which can include critical events, street protests, and elections. But the impact of our exposed data is set to go beyond these in the coming years, and in this talk we discuss the difficulties and work-arounds for these emerging threats.

This presentation includes use cases of face, fingerprint and retina biometric exposure, including recordings of live experiments. Finally, we demonstrate how emerging AI technologies can drastically accelerate the ability for criminal users to build a complete identity theft enterprise - where robust digital twins of everyone unfortunate enough to have leaked details are available for all to buy.

Vladimir Kropotov is a researcher with the Trend Micro Forward-Looking Threat Research team. Active for over 20 years in information security projects and research, he previously built and led incident response teams at Fortune 500 companies and was head of the Incident Response Team at Positive Technologies. He holds a master's degree in applied mathematics and information security. He also participates in various projects for leading financial, industrial, and telecom companies. His main interests lie in network traffic analysis, incident response, and botnet and cybercrime investigations.

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