HaxoGreen 2022 - IoT, as in Internet of Trees - Call for participation

Hello Hacker,

we are happy that you want to enrich the Haxogreen experience with your contribution in 2022!

Do you want to prepare a workshop, give a talk, or similar things for Haxogreen 2022? Please pass your submissions via our pretalx system so that we can work out a schedule. We will inform you a few weeks in advance before the event which slot we have forseen for your event.

Please remember to choose wether you want your talk to be recorded/streamed or not. If you want to have your talk recorded, ensure that your talk does not contain any content which you are not allowed to publish due to copyright restrictions or so (pictures, video, audio....)!

Streaming and recording is only possible the main talk room. Workshops are not gonna streamed or recorded at all, unless you take own precautions for that. Streaming and Recording means having your talk published both on Youtube in our Haxogreen channel and on https://media.ccc.de, the video portal of the German Chaos Computer Club.

If you have a special requirement for your talk, whatever it should be, please write that in the notes, we will contact you about that.

You always can reach out to us regarding participation topics by emailing to pretalx@haxogreen.lu

If you want to do a self-organized session, where you are able and have to do everything by yourself, and you do not want for whatever reason to put that into the CfP system, please use our wiki for that.

However, using the CfP system helps us a lot with organizing everything around attendee participation, so consider publishing your event here.

We also will forsee a special submission type for lightning talks (very short and less organized talk events), that you can select during the submission process.

Available rooms and infrastructure

Golden rule: the sooner you enter your submission, the higher the chances, that we can organize some extra stuff to help you!

We have not yet decided which exact amount and type of rooms/lecture halls we will actually provide for the event. At least there will be:

  • A lecture hall with a projector, big screen and A/V equipment
  • A pavillon outside with benches and tables
  • Some small meadow spots (Yoga park)
  • The Hackcenter

For food workshops we might be able to provide a kitchen-ish place that you can use, but we cannot make promises about that (yet). What we definitely have are a huge number of polite people in villages that often have kitchen stuff available that you might use when you ask them.

This Call for Papers closed on 2022-05-31 23:59 (Europe/Berlin).