ICR 2024 Call for participation

Scientific talks and posters covering all aspects of the latest refractory research are invited for ICR 2024. You can submit your application to give a talk or show a poster at ICR 2024 at the bottom of this page. You can apply until 31 May 2024.

I want to give a talk

Topics of ICR 2024:

  • Education
  • Modelling and digitalisation
  • Raw materials (primary and secondary) and recycling
  • Refractories (including processing)
  • Refractory applications
  • Refractory engineering
  • Sustainability of refractories
  • Testing and standardisation

Please choose the topic that fits your application best. If you are unsure or no suitable topic is available, just choose “---” or do not choose a topic at all. Please do not take choosing the correct topic too seriously now – the Scientific Committee will evaluate all applications and assign them to the suitable topic (or even create new topics).

There will be slots of 20 minutes (15 minutes talk followed by 5 minutes of discussion) or 40 minutes (“session keynotes”, 30 minutes talk followed by 10 minutes of discussion) available throughout ICR 2024. Each session of four to five talks during ICR 2024 can be opened with a “session keynote”, which allows the speaker to highlight a broader area of research in a longer talk. You can choose which kind of talk (15 or 30 minutes) you want to apply for.

Once your application to give a talk (or several) at ICR 2024 has been accepted, you are at the same time invited to publish a scientific paper (or several), either in the ICR 2024 conference proceedings book or in a special issue of the Journal of Ceramic Science and Technology. JCST is an Open Access journal. For papers submitted through ICR, the Article Processing Charge will be 0 € instead of 1.300 €.

Submission for both will be due at 15 August 2024. This is mandatory. You will be able to choose between the two types of publication after you have been invited to give a talk.

I want to show a poster

There will be a dedicated and well positioned “poster area” at ICR 2024 where posters will be shown throughout the whole conference. This “poster area” will be open to all visitors of ICR, regardless of which ticket they buy.

We will also organise a “poster slam” where you will be able to present your work in the form of a short talk of 3 minutes maximum, without slides or presentations. With this format you can address a large audience in a short time and attract them to your work and to your poster in the poster area. The three short talks that attract the most attention will receive a “poster award” at a prizewinning ceremony. Once your application to show a poster at ICR 2024 has been accepted, you can choose whether you want to take part in the “poster slam” or not.

The scientific committee of ICR 2024

  • Prof. Dr. Olaf Krause, Koblenz University of Applied Sciences (head)
  • Dr. Christian Dannert, Forschungsgemeinschaft Feuerfest e. V.
  • Dr. Patrick Gehre, TU Bergakademie Freiberg
  • Dr. Thorsten Tonnesen, RWTH Aachen University