Poster Session
09-30, 15:15–20:00 (Europe/Berlin), KI: Room John McCarthy
Language: English

Unsupervised Anomaly Detection for Financial Auditing with Model-Agnostic Explanations
Sebastian Bruckert and Günter Pesch

A Priori Approximation of Symmetries in Probabilistic Dynamic Relational Models
Nils Finke and Marisa Mohr

Towards More Explicit Interaction Modelling in Agent-based Simulation Using Affordance Schemata
Franziska Klügl and Sabine Timpf

Critic Guided Segmentation of Rewarding Objects in First-Person Views
Andrew Melnik, Augustin Harter, Christian Limberg, Krishan Rana, Niko Sünderhauf, and Helge Ritter

Self-supervised Domain Adaptation for Diabetic Retinopathy Classification with Constrained Loss Functions
Duy Nguyen Ho Minh, Truong Thanh Nhat Mai, Ngoc Trong Tuong Than, Alexander Prange, and Daniel Sonntag

BehavE: Behaviour Understanding through Automated Generation of Situation Models
Teodor Stoev and Kristina Yordanova

Session chair: Elmar Rückert