TechTalk during Lunch Break: Sustainability through Digitalization - use cases from the Institute for Sustainability
09-29, 12:45–13:15 (Europe/Berlin), INFORMATIK: main stage
Language: English

by Dr. Dina Barbian, Leiterin des Instituts für Nachhaltigkeit, Wirtschaftsingenieurin und Nachhaltigkeitsökonomin

Sustainability as a key driver in management can be supported and pushed through the help of information and communication technologies (ICT). In this TechTalk examples are shown how ICT can improve environmental efficiency. Specifically, use cases are 3D printing, the digital twin, the use of AI technologies, simulation models, AR/VR/XR/MR technologies, on-demand and aaS models, etc. All these technologies can only be sustainable if the energy for them comes from renewable sources, so sustainable digitalisation can only succeed in the context of an energy transition.

Dr. Dina Barbian, Director of the Institute for Sustainability, Industrial Engineer and Sustainability Economist, 22 years Research Associate Chair of Informations Systems (FAU), over 20 years Expertise in Sustainability, Author, Speaker, Moderator, lecturing "Digitalisation & Sustainability", "Strategic IT Development and Trends", "Sustainable Development & National Strategies", "Business Ethics" and "Supply Chain Management".