JuliaCon 2022 (Times are UTC)

Paulito Palmes

I am a research scientist at the IBM Research Europe (Dublin Research Lab) working in the areas of analytics, datamining, machine learning, reinforcement learning, automated decisions, and AI.

I finished my Doctor of Engineering degree from the Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan (2005). I have a Master's degree in Computer Science majoring in Artificial Intelligence (Ateneo de Manila University, 1995) and a Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics (cum laude, valedictorian) at the University of the Philippines in the Visayas (1991).

I created and maintain the following Julia packages:
- AutoMLPipeline (Automated Machine Learning Pipeline)
- TSML (Time Series Machine Learning)
- Julia wrapper for Lale in Python


Distributed AutoML Pipeline Search in PC/RasPi K8s Cluster
Paulito Palmes

In this lightning talk, I will present an example workflow in leveraging the Kubernetes cluster of RaspberryPis to perform parallel search in finding the best AutoML pipeline in a given classification task. While many applications of RasPis are targeted for IOT usage, a K8s cluster of RasPis running Julia can be targeted to solve more complex problems and I will provide examples of the cluster performance running AutoMLPipeline applications.