JuliaCon 2022 (Times are UTC)

Miguel Marcelino

I am a Master Thesis student at Instituto Superior Técnico and I am currently working on a transpiler to translate Python libraries into Julia. I also have experience in Java, Python, TypeScript, C, a hint of Haskell and, most recently, Julia, which surprised me for how fast and simple programming can be.
Besides my programming activities, I am also a fan of photography, sports and writing.


Extending PyJL to Translate Python Libraries to Julia
Miguel Marcelino

Many new high-level programming languages have emerged in recent years. Julia is one of these languages, that offers the speed of C, the macro capabilities of Lisp, and the user-friendliness of Python. However, its library set is still reduced when compared to languages, such as Python. We propose extending PyJL, an open source transpilation tool, to speedup the conversion of libraries to Julia.