JuliaCon 2022 (Times are UTC)

Dr. Vikas Negi

I currently work as a Metrology Design Engineer at ASML in the Netherlands. I love coding, and my language of choice is Julia. Besides that, I occasionally tinker with my Raspberry Pi. My other hobbies include listening to podcasts (big fan of Lex Fridman) during long walks, running and watching new shows/documentaries on Netflix. I am also a proud owner of a custom built PC and a Xbox One S. Whenever time permits, I dabble with Web 3.0 and blockchain based technologies. Curious to know more? Feel free to visit my web3 powered site.


Juliacon Experiences
Julia Frank, Agustin Covarrubias, Valeria Perez, Saranjeet Kaur Bhogal, Marina Cagliari, Patrick Altmeyer, Garrek Stemo, Jeremiah Lasquety-Reyes, Dr. Vikas Negi, Martin Smit, Fábio Rodrigues Sodré, Arturo Erdely, Olga Eleftherakou, Charlie Kawczynski

This session hosts all of this year's experience talks.