JuliaCon 2022 (Times are UTC)

Victor Boussange

I’m Victor, a fourth year Ph.D candidate in the Landscape Ecology Group at ETH Zürich and at the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow & Landscape (WSL), Switzerland. I am interested in understanding evolutionary processes that affect the dynamics of ecosystems and economic systems. I conduct my investigations with mathematical models capturing eco-evolutionary dynamics. In parallel, I develop machine learning methods to combine these models with empirical data and infer scientific knowledge. I believe that the combination of mechanistic models and machine learning provides a powerful approach to better understand and forecast the dynamics of real ecosystems and economies.


HighDimPDE.jl: A Julia package for solving high-dimensional PDEs
Victor Boussange

High-dimensional PDEs cannot be solved with standard numerical methods, as their computational cost increases exponentially in the number of dimensions. This problem, known as the curse of dimensionality, vanishes with HighDimPDE.jl. The package implements novel solvers that can solve non-local nonlinear PDEs in potentially up to 1000 dimensions.