JuliaCon 2022 (Times are UTC)

Erich Focht

Erich has worked on optimizing CFD and structural mechanics algorithms for parallel vector supercomputers, did Linux kernel development and research in distributed systems software and parallel file systems. Currently he leads a research and development group at NEC HPC Europe, his work topics cover system software and compilers for heterogeneous computing with NEC's SX-Aurora Vector Engine, augmenting HPC simulations with AI and integrating cloud technologies into HPC clusters.


Julia to the NEC SX-Aurora Tsubasa Vector Engine
Valentin Churavy, Erich Focht

The package VectorEngine.jl enables the use of the SX-Aurora Tsubasa Vector Engine (VE) as an accelerator in hybrid Julia programs. It builds on GPUCompiler.jl leveraging the VEDA API as well as the LLVM-VE compiler and the Region Vectorizer. Even though the VE is very different from GPUs, using only few cores and arithmetic units with very long vector length, the package enables programmers to use it in a very similar way, simplifying the porting of Julia applications.