JuliaCon 2022 (Times are UTC)

Bart Janssens

Bart Janssens is a military associate professor at the mechanics department of the Royal Military Academy, with a passion for computer graphics, high performance computing and fluid mechanics. For performance reasons, he used C++ until being introduced to Julia. His current work focuses on stabilized finite element methods, and he recently started a new study on the topic where for the first time the main focus will be on using Julia and Gridap rather than the legacy C++ code.


Automated Finite Elements: a comparison between Julia and C++
Bart Janssens

With Gridap, Julia has a Finite Element package that allows writing expressions that closely mimic the mathematical notation of the weak form of an equation and automate the assembly of the linear system from there. Rather than using macros, the equations are interpreted as regular Julia expressions. This approach is similar to what has been done in C++, e.g. in the Coolfluid 3 CFD code. In this talk, both methods will be compared, showing how Julia really is "C++ done right" for this use case.