JuliaCon 2022 (Times are UTC)

Saranjeet Kaur Bhogal

Saranjeet is a Statistician based in India. She has written the first draft of the R Development Guide under the mentorship of Heather Turner and Micheal Lawrence, funded by the R Foundation. Furthermore, she is supporting Heather Turner in the work on the outreach of the R Development Guide at the Digital Infrastructure Incubator at Code for Science & Society. Saranjeet has also worked with the Julia Language organization for Google Summer of Code 2020. She is eager to learn about open source and open science practices. Saranjeet co-founded the Research Software Engineering (RSE) Asia Association during her participation in the Cohort 4 of the Open Life Science program, to promote the RSE community and profession in the Asia region. She is being mentored by Michelle Barker to build the RSE Asia community. Recently she has been selected in the founding committee of NumFOCUS Project Incubator. This Incubator is designed to support the growth of open source scientific projects and communities.
Personal website: https://saranjeetkaur.github.io/About-Me/


Juliacon Experiences
Julia Frank, Agustin Covarrubias, Valeria Perez, Saranjeet Kaur Bhogal, Marina Cagliari, Patrick Altmeyer, Garrek Stemo, Jeremiah Lasquety-Reyes, Dr. Vikas Negi, Martin Smit, Fábio Rodrigues Sodré, Arturo Erdely, Olga Eleftherakou, Charlie Kawczynski

This session hosts all of this year's experience talks.