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Stephan Sahm

Stephan Sahm founded Jolin.io, an IT consultancy for high-performant data/ml pipelines powered by Julia. He also organises the biggest Julia meetup in Germany, Julia-User-Group-Munich.
With 10 years experience in data science and 5 years in IT consultancy and data-startups, he strives to bring tomorrows best practice into todays business.

Julia packages developed by Stephan Sahm: Continuables.jl, WhereTraits.jl, ExprParsers.jl, TypeClasses.jl, ExtensibleEffects.jl and more.


WhereTraits.jl has now a disambiguity resolution system!
Stephan Sahm

When WhereTraits.jl was published 2 years ago, the key missing feature was to address ambiguations between traits function definitions. It is implemented now!

If you as a user encounter a trait conflict, you are now prompted with a concrete example resolution. You simply specify an ordering between the traits and everything is resolved automatically for you.
A feature only available in WhereTraits - even normal julia functions cannot do this.