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George Gkountouras

George Gkountouras (MSc ECE) is the founder of Arthurian Audio, an AI startup operating in the audio software industry. Additionally, he has invented and published a quantum sequencer for modular environments. During his academic career, George regularly taught DSP to undergraduate students. He's worked on compilers, circuit simulators and audio plug-ins. He is also interested in embedded systems.


Exploring audio circuits with ModelingToolkit.jl
George Gkountouras

The study of audio circuits is interdisciplinary. It combines DSP, analog circuits, differential equations, and semiconductor theory. Mathematical tools like Fourier Transforms and standard circuit analysis cannot explain the behavior of stateful nonlinearities. A complete description of a circuit can only be obtained through time-domain (or ‘transient’, in SPICE terms) simulation. ModelingToolkit.jl enables rapid design iteration and combines features that traditionally require multiple tools.