JuliaCon 2022 (Times are UTC)

Mikael Fremling

My name is Mikael Fremling, and I am working as a postdoc in physics at Utrecht University, The Netherlands.
I study the fascinating properties that develop when a material is prevented from exploring the whole three-dimensional world around us.

In my research, I routinely perform various types of numerical simulations. For a few years, the Julia language has been my go-to choice for numerics.


MathLink(Extras): The powers of Mathematica and Julia combined
Mikael Fremling

Mathematica is a powerful tool for many purposes, but it can be cumbersome to work with. This is especially clear for more automated tasks.
In this short talk, I will introduce MathLink and MathLinkExtras, which enable interoperability between Julia and Mathematica.
I will introduce the basic syntax of MathLink and discuss an application of automated computation of nested integrals.