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Bachelor of Computer Science (1992) and Doctorate (2017) at the UPV / EHU. 2011-2012, professor in the Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Since 2017, professor of the School of Engineering of Gipuzkoa in the Department of Applied Mathematics.
Within the field of Computer Science, he has developed the following lines of research: efficient implementation of numerical integration methods applied to the simulation of the solar system.


SIMD-vectorized implementation of high order IRK integrators
Mikel, Joseba Makazaga, Ander Murua

We present a preliminary version of a SIMD-vectorized implementation of the sixteenth order 8-stage implicit Runge-Kutta integrator IRKGL16 implemented in the Julia package IRKGaussLegendre.jl. For numerical integrations of typical non-stiff problems performed in double precision, we show that a vectorized implementation of IRKGL16 that exploits the SIMD-based parallelism can clearly outperform high order explicit Runge-Kutta schemes available in the standard package DifferentialEquations.jl.