JuliaCon 2022 (Times are UTC)

Matteo Manzi

Matteo is an aerospace engineer with a strong interest in dynamical systems theory and complex systems theory. After conducting research in the Horizon2020 network Stardust Reloaded, working on the use of Artificial Intelligence for Uncertainty Quantification in Orbital Mechanics, and working as a Flight Dynamics Software Engineer for the Space Debris Office of the European Space Agency, he is currently the CEO of MOD SRLS, a company focused on quantitative DeFi, stochastic modelling and uncertainty quantification in space engineering, but also on the interplay between Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology for the development of research protocols promoting transparency and reproducibility of software and methodologies, including academic publishing, in the context of DeSci.


Interplay between chaos and stochasticity in celestial mechanics
Matteo Manzi

This work is focused on the development of an open-source Julia package for the stochastic characterization and the study of chaotic motion in astrodynamics. We focus on the computation of various chaos indicators, among others Fast Lyapunov Indicators (FLI), Finite-Time Lyapunov exponents (FTLE) and Mean Exponential Growth factor of Nearby Orbits (MEGNO) and chaos indicators more in general.