JuliaCon 2022 (Times are UTC)

Contributing to Open Source with Technical Writing.
07-28, 20:10–20:20 (UTC), Blue

The goal of this talk is to enlighten members of the Julia ecosystem on how they can make an impact by contributing to open source with technical writing. While this talk would be targeted at beginners, there would be something for even the more experienced members.

This talk would cover two main headings: Open Source and Technical Writing. It would also explore how they can relate to each other. The following aspects would be touched:

  • What Open Source is
  • What Technical Writing is
  • How to contribute to Open Source with Technical Writing
  • How it helps the Julia Ecosystem
  • Steps on beginning a Technical Writing Journey
  • Tips

Ifihan is a Python/Julia developer and Technical Writer. She has a passion for communities and new technologies.