JuliaCon 2022 (Times are UTC)

Interactive Julia data dashboards with Genie
07-29, 16:30–17:00 (UTC), Blue

Genie provides a powerful set of features for fast and easy creation of interactive data dashboards, helping data and research scientists to design, build, and publish production ready interactive apps and dashboards using pure Julia. In this talk we'll explain and demonstrate how to build a production ready, powerful data dashboard, going from 0 to live in 20 minutes!

Building upon over 5 years of experience with open source web development with Julia, Genie's powerful dashboarding features allow Julia users to develop and publish data apps without needing to use any web development techniques. Genie exposes a smooth workflow and rich programming APIs that allow data and research scientists to control all the aspects of building and deploying data apps and dashboards using only their favourite programming language: Julia.

Computer Scientists and software developer with over 20 years of experience creating full stack web and data centric applications. Creator of Genie, the highly productive Julia web application. Julia open source contributor since 2017. Author of "Julia Programming Projects" (Packt, 2018) and co-author "Julia Programming Complete Reference Guide" (Packt, 2019).

I am a data scientist for process development at Merck KGaA (Darmstadt, Germany). In this function I use Genie/Stipple in two major projects. This allows me to contribute to the Stipple packages from time to time.