JuliaCon 2022 (Times are UTC)

Julia REPL Mastery Workshop
07-24, 14:00–17:00 (UTC), Green

A fundamental Julia experience is feeling the power of computing at your fingertips - but how many of us squeeze the absolute most out of the Julia REPL? In this workshop, you'll go from 0 to hero in about 3 hours with a whopping collection of all the tips, tricks and goodies you could ever hope for in your Julia REPL experience.

This workshop will be a jam-packed, hands-on tour of the Julia REPL so that beginners and experts alike can learn a few tips and tricks. Every Julia user spends a significant amount of coding time interacting with the REPL - my claim for this workshop is that all Julia users can save themselves more than 3 hours of productive coding time over their careers should they attend this workshop, so why not invest in yourself now?
Plan (pending review) for the material that will be covered:
* Navigation - moving around, basic commands, variables, shortcuts and keyboard combinations, cross language comparison of REPL features, Vim Mode homework
* Internals and configuration - Basic APIs, display control codes, terminals and font support, startup file options, prompt changing, flag configurations
* REPL Modes - Shell mode, Pkg mode, help mode, workflow demos for contributing code fixes, BuildYourOwnMode demo, Term.jl
* Tools and packages - OhMyREPL.jl, PkgTemplates.jl, Eyeball.jl, TerminalPager.jl, AbstractTrees.jl, Debugger.jl, UnicodePlots.jl, ProgressMeters.jl, PlutoREPL.jl assignment

Miguel Raz es un estudiante de física de la UNAM.

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