JuliaCon 2022 (Times are UTC)

Microbiome.jl & BiobakeryUtils.jl for analyzing metagenomic data
07-28, 20:00–20:10 (UTC), Red

Microbiome.jl is a Julia package to facilitate analysis of microbial community data. BiobakeryUtils.jl is built on top of Microbiome.jl, and provides utilities for working with a suite of command line tools (the bioBakery) that are widely used for converting raw metagenomic sequencing data into tables of taxon and gene function counts. Together, these packages provide an effective way to link microbial community data with the power of Julia’s numerical, statistical, and plotting libraries.

Senior research scientist at Wellesley College, studying the human microbiome and its effects on cognitive development.

I am a Biology and Media Arts and Sciences double major, and I am particularly interested in the intersection of computational design and biological concepts. I am currently working on finding out and creatively exhibiting the microbial composition of Wellesley’s greenhouse, the Global Flora and exploring their different functions. In the past, I’ve worked on developing a software package that manipulates and analyzes microbial community data. After college, I hope to keep working with computational modeling tools to better understand biological systems. Outside of lab and school, I enjoy playing tennis and spending time with my friends.