JuliaCon 2022 (Times are UTC)

Visualization Dashboards with Pluto!
07-28, 19:40–19:50 (UTC), Red

Data visualization with intuitive interactions is an essential feature of many scientific investigations. I propose to go over use cases and examples on why/how to develop reactive dashboards in Julia using "Pluto.jl". Pluto provides a way to isolate cells in a separate page of which the style is editable as regular HTML/CSS. Alongside PlutoUI's experimental layout feature, this is a powerful tool to create immersive interactive experiences for users.

In Python, one could assemble a Jupyter notebook to experiment with visualizations and turn it into a Dash dashboard with multiple plots, panes, and widgets. In R, someone could do the same with RShiny. Julia has support for Dash and Jupyter, but one could argue that dashboarding and experimentation should be part of the same workflow. Pluto's solution to this problem is complete and extensible, which is every scientist's dream.

I am a Computer Science MSc. student at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. My interests hop around the fields of Operating Systems, Algorithm Design, Computer Graphics and Image Processing. Currently, I am working as a Back End Development intern at DeepX , using Elixir and Rust. I've been using Julia for a couple of years in order to get fast image processing results with easy-on-the-eyes code. I'm currently working at Julia Computing developing visualizations to help ML workflows.