JuliaCon 2022 (Times are UTC)

oneAPI.jl: Programming Intel GPUs (and more) in Julia
07-28, 15:20–15:30 (UTC), Green

oneAPI.jl is a Julia package that makes it possible to use the oneAPI framework to program accelerators like Intel GPUs. In this talk, I will explain the oneAPI framework, which accelerators it supports, and demonstrate how oneAPI.jl makes it possible to work with these accelerators from the Julia programming language.

oneAPI is a framework, developed by Intel but intended to be cross-platform, that can be used to program various hardware accelerators. This includes Intel GPUs, which exist as integrated solutions in many processors, and dedicated hardware that will be part of the Aurora supercomputer at Argonne National Laboratory.

To program these GPUs from Julia, we have created the oneAPI.jl package based on existing GPU infrastructure like GPUCompiler.jl and GPUArrays.jl. It builds on the low-level Level Zero APIs that are part of oneAPI, and relies on Khronos tools to compile Julia code to SPIR-V. With it, Intel GPUs can be programmed using the familiar programming styles supported by other GPU back-ends: high-level array abstractions that automatically exploit the implicit parallelism, and low-level kernels where the programmer is responsible for doing so.

Tim Besard is a software engineer at Julia Computing, working on GPU support for the Julia language. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science engineering from Ghent University, Belgium, for research on abstractions to program hardware accelerators in high-level programming languages.

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