Swakkhar Shatabda

Dr. Shatabda is Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Co-ordinator of Computer Science and Engineering Department.

He achieved his Ph. D degree from the Institute for Integrated and Intelligent Systems (IIIS), Griffith University in 2014. His thesis is titled “Local Search Heuristics for Protein Structure Prediction”. He completed his BSc. in Computer Science and Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in 2007.

Research interest of Dr. Shatabda includes bioinformatics, optimization, search and meta-heuristics, data Mining, constraint programming, approximation Algorithms and graph theory. He has a number of quality publications in both national and international conferences and journals.

He has worked as Graduate Researcher in Queensland Research Laboratory, NICTA, Australia. Prior entering the teaching line he worked as a Software Engineer in Vonair Inc, Bangladesh.

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Mining Imbalanced Big Data with Julia

Machine learning for data Mining applications in imbalanced big data classification is very challenging task. In this talk, we have proposed a new cluster-based under-sampling approach with ensemble learning for mining real-life imbalanced big data in Julia.