Open Source Power System Production Cost Modeling in Julia
2019-07-23, 16:15–16:45, Elm B

Operating a power system on a day to day basis involves optimizing the operation of the given energy system. Modeling these operations requires solving a Mixed Integer Linear Programming problem. In this talk, we will present methods for solving a production cost model in Julia and JuMP using PowerSimulations.jl

Production Cost Modeling (PCM) of power systems captures all the costs of operating a fleet of generators. This model captures hourly chronological security constrained unit commitment and economic dispatch simulation while minimizing costs and adhering to a wide variety of operating constraints. In this talk, we will cover the basics of Production Cost Modeling, and will explain how we have implemented this in Julia using JuMP. We will also discuss our experiences using Julia and JuMP and express the benefits to our users and some challenges we faced.