Let's Play Hanabi!
2019-07-23, 15:10–15:20, Room 349

Games have been testbeds for Artificial Intelligence research for a long time. Here I will demonstrate how to play the fantastic Hanabi card game interactively in Julia REPL. Furthermore, I will introduce how to implement some state-of-the-art learning algorithms in pure Julia.

Hanabi is a card game for two to five players. What makes Hanabi special is that, unlike most card games, players can only see their partners' hands, and not their own. In this talk, I will focus on the following three parts:

  1. A short introduction to Hanabi and how to implement the game in a client-server style in Julia.

  2. The challenges of Hanabi and some typical approaches.

  3. The implementation details of some state-of-the-art algorithms.

I hope this talk can arouse the interest of the audiences. And get more people involved in the reinforcement learning field in Julia.