Generic Sparse Data Structures on GPUs
2019-07-23, 17:05–17:15, Room 349

Sparse linear operators that arise from structured grids often tend to have rich structure. We present a feature rich yet simple DIAgonal format (DIA), which also supports blocked and GPU arrays, as well as Algebraic Multigrid (AMG) preconditioners. We present this rich framework of tools to solve large oil reservoir simulations.

Sparse matrices arising from structured grids generally possess rich structure, which is amenable to GPU-parallelism. We implemented the DIA format, one of the most primitive sparse matrix storage formats, in Julia. BLAS routines are implemented on DIA format with GPU using CUDAnative.jl and CuArrays.jl. We also present Geometric Multigrid(GMG) preconditioner, implemented on GPU using DIA format and solve large ill-conditioned systems. Julia allows users to write generic code, which allows us to exploit blocked structure that arises from higher degrees of freedom. We benchmark and verify against the SPE10 problem, a standard oil reservoir simulation benchmark.